Skyy Fund Update- January 2016

Skyy is invested in 31 companies as of January 31, 2016.

Holdings: Skyy Fund

Company Ticker Shares Cost Basis Market Value Yield
Apple Inc. AAPL 10 $1,289 $986 2.15%
Breitburn BBEP 313 $1,195 $215 21.74%
BHP Billiton BBL 3 $107 $61 12.21%
Caterpillar CAT 2 $143 $124 4.72%
Chimera CIM 22 $347 $264 15.76%
Cisco CSCO 10 $284 $245 4.02%
Chevron CVX 2 $153 $175 5.05%
Diebold DBD 10 $339 $286 4.71%
Diageo DEO 2 $216. $215 4.24%
Consolidated Edison ED 10 $652 $717 3.78%
Electro Rent ELRC 103 $1,132 $907 5.85%
Emerson Electric EMR 5 $245 $232 4.16%
Energy XXI EXXI 200 $672 $173 3.01%
Frontline FRO 20 299 218 11.42%
General Electric GE 30 $831 $897 3.19%
Health Care Partners. HCP 10 $494 $380 8.54%
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 2 $201 $210 3.31%
Kinder Morgan KMI 40 $1002 $667 3.20%
Coca Cola KO 10 $437 $443 3.47%
MDU Resources MDU 30 $634 $516 4.45%
Realty Income O 30 $1,649 $1,711 3.98%
Old Republic ORI 10 $189 $182 4.11%
Petmed Express PETS 10 $180 $186 4.34%
Pfizer PFE 10 $334 $315 3.48%
Proctor & Gamble PG 10 $878 $838 3.88%
Philip Morris PM 2 $167 $184 5.17%
Spectra Energy SE 6 $170 $167 5.66%
AT&T T 21 $711 $760 5.24%
Unilever UL 2 $87 $89 3.31%
Waste Management WM 2 $108 $107 3.13%
Wal-Mart WMT 3 $184 $200 3.11%

Month By Month

January- $ 12,670

Skyy and I were sad to tell 2015 goodbye for the last time. Even though we didn’t hit our mark of $50 a month we were able to cross the $12K mark for the first time with steady growth in December. It was a rocky year to say the least along with the huge drop in August, and 2016 is looking to be just as rocky!(Fasten Seat belts)

Hopefully we can past $50 a month within six months. It will be hard as the family has moved to Abu Dhabi and will be here for the next 12-18 months! For anyone who is surprised I guess you skipped over the “About Me” page as you were going through the blog. The move is for my wife’s job and since I won’t be working I will have a lot less to invest!(Will have to depend on pay raises from the dividends. Haha) So to say the least this will be a very interesting year and Skyy and I will be prepared for the bumpy ride!

Work Hard or Work Smart?

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6 thoughts on “Skyy Fund Update- January 2016

  1. DM,

    Without a steady stream of income coming in from your income (since it’s only your wife’s) you will definitely slow down quite a bit but at least since you’ve positioned yourself with dividend paying companies, you’ll have something to invest rather than nothing. Making sure to look at the positive side of things! The only thing I’d want to make sure to remind you of with your dividend reinvestment plan is to make sure that you maximize your payoff by making sure only to put that money into severely discounted dividend paying stocks. You’ve got a good profile of stocks in your portfolio already but you’ve had some that you’ve definitely jumped at when they were quite low enough.

    Hope this helps and I wish you good luck, DM. Moves can be tough all around as you readjust to a new place but there are always open doors after others close. Hope to read more from you soon. Maybe post an update as to life in your new place?

    -Dividend Monster

  2. DM,
    Thanks for the positive vibes! And yes I will have to slow down a bit, I already talked to my wife about it. Hopefully I can find something here in the U.A.E while we are here for the next year but if not we will be ok. I just hope Skyy and I can cross over the $50 range around June(would be sooner but we had to move). As for the post about our new place I will think about it, didn’t really plan on talking much about my life/family when I first started the blog, but we will see!

    Thanks again for stopping by! Live Long & Prosper


  3. On the bright side, with only your wife working you’ll have more time for Skyy and your blog here! There are definitely a lot of additional ways to make money without a 9-5 job. =)

    Good luck,
    Wallet Squirrel

  4. Good looking fund you have there. However, would caution against buying into so many stocks with such little amount of money because it will cause you to have high trade cost. I have 25,000$ invested in three stocks and will add as I go. I think you should not buy less than 5,000$ at a time. This will keep your trad cost low. Other than that, good luck!

    p.s. nice blog!

  5. DG,
    Thanks for letting me know and yes I figured I have enough companies as of right now and will be adding to my positions. I picked up those shares when the market dropped back in August of 2015 and just could not pass up the opportunity, as many of those stocks were on my watch list. I only had so much money and wanted to make the best of it of what I had.

    As far as the buying of bulk of 5K I don’t have that much money on hand and if I was to save up that amount it would take me most of the year at which I feel I would be passing up some good deals along the way. If you don’t mind me asking what are the 3 stocks that you have 25K tied into? Hopefully they are great companies, I wouldn’t want one of them to go away as that would take a large part of your wealth away!

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope all is well.


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