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Once again every dollar working on my behalf means my family will have to worry about less in the future. Since money doesn’t sleep, get tired, or get sick (unlike humans) I’d rather my money work for me rather than the other way around.

It feels really good to be in a position to continue to put fresh capital to work. Anyone can look at the stock market like any other market or store. It offers a lot of merchandise, some expensive, some cheap. In the end it’s up to the individual to pick what’s best for them!

Purchased 10 shares of Montana Dakota Utilities (MDU) on 12/2/15 for $ 17.61 per share

Purchased 10 shares of Kinder Morgan (KMI) on 12/3/15 for $ 20.04 per share

Purchased 100 shares of Breitburn (BBEP) on 12/17/15 for $ 0.57 per share

Purchased 100 shares of Frontline (FRO) on 1/4/16 for $ 2.93 per share

I have continued to add to my positions to all the stocks above and Kinder Morgan has once again continued to make a pretty good recovery from its 52 week lows. For some reason I really love Kinder Morgan and believe management has what it takes to push them in the right direction(Great Cash Flow maybe? haha) I also added to Breitburn again and it looks like oil is starting to stabilize so I hope they can pull through!

If anyone knows me/looks at Skyy’s portfolio knows I am a Dividend Investor at heart but like to take some risk at times! (Hey were both still young) That’s why I decided to add Frontline to the family for the new year, because I feel like there are more opportunities in the energy sector. Also it helps that they recently issued a $0.35 dividend per share!

We are currently 3 months into the new year and things are actually looking a lot better with the market, but as we all know things can change really fast as they do with life.

-Live Long & Prosper

Full Disclosure: Long KMI, FRO, MDU, and BBEP

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3 thoughts on “Recent Buys

  1. DM,

    It’s crazy to see the curves that FRO has gone through. You’ve definitely landed much higher than it started but man it’s crazy to think of the capital gains you could have grabbed when it was at its highest! Serious growth there! Hope to see it continue to rise back up to its peak and that you can grab dividends while its at it!

    -Dividend Reaper

  2. DR,
    Right its crazy! I remember I was looking at about 4 or 5 tanker companies and FRO to me just stood out and looked like it would work the best for me. Off the top of my head I think they stopped paying a dividend for at least 18 months before starting again. So I will be excited to see where this goes in the next 2-3 years!

    Oh and it looks like Skyy may reach a $100 dollars for March because Chimera(CIM) has decided to give a special dividend for March. Will wait to see how the rest of March shakes out.

    Best of Luck


    1. That’s awesome, DM! $100 in a month is a great milestone for the portfolio. Even though it will be reached with a special dividend, it just means you did your homework and chose a company that thought it best to issue one!

      -Dividend Reaper

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