Dividend Income Update- March 2016

Another month has passed by, and it’s time for me to post the dividends that Skyy earned in the month of March. It’s hard to argue the success of long-term dividend growth investing when you can slowly and surely see dividend income rise over time and get closer to covering your family expenses.

I hope these monthly dividend income reports provide inspiration for any investors out there that are just starting out. It shows that it’s possible to one day pay for monthly expenses with dividends, which would provide an investor opportunities and freedom to pursue other interests than full-time work.

March 2016 Dividends Received

  • Pfizer (PFE) – $3.10
  • Spectra Energy (SE) – $2.47
  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) – $1.51
  • Emerson Electric (EMR) – $2.40
  • Chevron (CVX) – $2.17
  • Realty Income (O) – $6.11
  • Unilever (UL) – $0.65
  • Diebold (DBD) – $2.97
  • Consolidated Edison (ED) – $6.93
  • Old Republic (ORI) – $1.89
  • Waste Management (WM) – $0.83
  • Frontline (FRO) – $7.00
  • BHP Billiton (BBL) – $1.00
  • Bank of America (BAC) – $1.00
  • Chimera (CIM) – $61.12 (Special Dividend)

Total dividends received during the month of March: $101.15

As many of you know Skyy has achieved the goal of surpassing dividends earned in 2015, 2016, and 2017! It was all thanks to Chimera who issued a special dividend in March. Right before the ex-dividend date I decided to buy 100 more shares, which should also allow me to cross over $100 in April also when Chimera pays out their regular dividend at the end of the month. Even though we were 3 months late crossing the $50 mark for 2015 it feels pretty great to do so now along with surpassing 2017 goals that I had set.

Once again we are truly thankful that Skyy was able to earn $101 this month without lifting a finger and continuing to be a great daughter. She did nothing to earn this money except for make great decisions with past capital! Decisions like investing in high quality companies that reward her as a loyal shareholder with a piece of the profit.

Work Hard or Work Smart?

Full Disclosure: Skyy is long all stocks above

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10 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update- March 2016

  1. DM,

    Great to see that monthly dividend payment over $100. That leaves a great amount of new capital to work with for the month moving forward. It should position you very well to acquire some new equity to continue the growth. Good job!

    -Dividend Reaper

  2. Very cool about once again breaking $100. I will continue to dream.

    This may be a silly question, but what does your last line mean “Full Disclosure: Skyy is long all stocks above” What does going long mean? I know it in football, but not stock speak. =)

  3. WS,
    Haha it basically means that I plan on holding those stocks for the long haul/10+ years(In my case will try to hold forever). Also letting others know that I am not just going to buy/pump a stock so others can buy it and then I sell.

    Thanks and soon that dream for you will become a reality!


  4. DM,
    Thanks and from what I can see you will pass the $100 mark this year! Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Great results for the month of March. I see we have a few names in common paying us for the month. Time to load up on some stable dividend payers. Thanks for sharing.

  6. DH,
    Thanks for stopping by and yes I need to get back to basics of loading up on stable dividend payers. I may make one more purchase on Chimera and then reinvest those dividends to pay for better positions in our Portfolio.

    Hope all is well!


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