Skyy Update

Dad: Skyy do you know what Bear and Bull markets are?

Skyy: Bears are in the forest and they will shut that door and Bulls will ram you

Dad: Yes true. Haha but when its a Bull market that means stocks go up

Skyy: Up up up up up up up up up up up up

Dad: Yes and Bear markets are when stocks go down

Skyy: down up up up up down down down down up up up

Dad: Yes and its easy to understand just think of a Bulls horns they always point up and when you think of a Bear think of it swinging its claws down. So Bull market up and Bear market down

Skyy: So grean means up and red means down?

Dad: Yes! Bull is up and Bear is down

Skyy:  Oh ok. Are we losing money?

Dad: Yes and no because the market goes up and down every day. One month we may be up 1K and the next month we may be down 1K. The important thing is you will be paid every month like clockwork as long as you are invested in great companies!

Skyy: Green means up and red means down?

Dad: Yes

Skyy: Lots of red and green looks like Christmas Daddy

Skyy: Will we get paid this friday?

Dad: Yes and honestly you been getting paid every Friday since the year began. Let’s see if you can keep it up the whole year!

Skyy: Yay!!!!!

Skyy: We need to make more money

Dad: Yes Skyy you are right we can never have enough money and if anyone tells you that money doesn’t matter just know they are lying. They either never had it or don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

Skyy: Ok and all of those are my companies

Dad: Yes all 31 are

Skyy: Ok cool

Work Hard or Work Smart?

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