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Once again every dollar working on my behalf means my family will have to worry about less in the future. Since money doesn’t sleep, get tired, or get sick (unlike humans) I’d rather my money work for me rather than the other way around.

It feels really good to be in a position to continue to put fresh capital to work. Anyone can look at the stock market like any other market or store. It offers a lot of merchandise, some expensive, some cheap. In the end it’s up to the individual to pick what’s best for them!

Purchased 20 shares of Bank of America (BAC) on 2/22/16 for $ 12.45 per share

Purchased 10 shares of Kinder Morgan (KMI) on 2/22/16 for $ 17.84 per share

Purchased 100 shares of Chimera (CIM) on 3/10/16 for $ 13.95 per share

Purchased 10 shares of Kinder Morgan (KMI) on 4/1/16 for $ 17.38 per share

I have continued to add to my position to Kinder Morgan and have averaged the price down to the low 20’s. I also have decided to add  a new position with Bank of America which I believe will be a great asset moving forward.

Since Chimera decided to give a special dividend out in March and would be paying out their regular dividend in April I decided with much thought to go ahead and purchase 100 shares of Chimera! Since acquiring more shares I have decided not to reinvest the dividend back into Chimera but to allow the money to be deposited back into the account so I can hunt for better bargains that are in the market.

-Live Long & Prosper

Full Disclosure: Long BAC, KMI, and CIM

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2 thoughts on “Recent Buys

  1. Good call with the KMI and BAC while banks and gas are low.

    I believe as oil and gas improve (and they are), they’ll raise banks as well since a lot of them have loaned out the gas industry.

    Keep ridding the wave. =)

  2. WS,

    Thanks and that was the plan from the beginning, but I did have a few missteps with oil when I first started but KMI should more than make up for it moving forward.

    When are you jumping into oil? Haha


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