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Once again every dollar working on my behalf means my family will have to worry about less in the future. Since money doesn’t sleep, get tired, or get sick (unlike humans) I’d rather my money work for me rather than the other way around.

It feels really good to be in a position to continue to put fresh capital to work. Anyone can look at the stock market like any other market or store. It offers a lot of merchandise, some expensive, some cheap. In the end it’s up to the individual to pick what’s best for them!

Purchased 62 shares of  Cornerstone Fund (CLM) on 11/28/16 for $ 15.27 per share

Purchased 32 shares of Cornerstone Fund (CLM) on 2/2/17for $ 15.14 per share

Purchased 3 shares of Nike  (NKE) on 4/24/17 for $ 55.60 per share

Purchased 3 shares of Microsoft (MSFT) on 4/24/17 for $ 67.52 per share

Its been a while since I have posted the Recent Buys and much has happened between that time. The past 6 months the Markets have continued to climb higher and honestly no one knows when the next Bear Market will come about.

I have decided to add more shares to the Cornerstone Fund so the account is able to produce more dividends over time. I have also started a small position in Nike (NKE) and Microsoft (MSFT) which I believe will continue to grow and be around for at least the next 15-30 years. They both have wide moats in their respective fields and hopefully they can keep taking advantage of that in the future. Hopefully these last 3 months will be as good as the past 9 months, but only time will tell.

Work Hard or Work Smart?

Full Disclosure: Long CLM, NKE, & MSFT

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