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Skyy Fund Update – September 2017

Skyy is invested in 35 companies as of September 30, 2017.

Holdings: Skyy Fund

Company Ticker Shares Cost Basis Market Value Yield
Apple Inc. AAPL 10 $1,331 $1,616 2.75%
Archer Daniels Midland ADM 10 $436 $425 2.94%
Bank of America BAC 20 $266 $517 1.14%
BHP Billiton BBL 3 $114 $119 2.92%
Caterpillar CAT 2 $154 $265 3.22%
Chimera CIM 160 $2,340 $3,045 9.52%
Cornerstone Fund CLM 169 $2,558 $2,375 18.52%
Cisco CSCO 10 $301 $365 3.58%
Chevron CVX 2 $166 $252 3.30%
Diageo DEO 2 $224 $274 2.24%
Consolidated Edison ED 10 $703 $886 3.19%
Emerson Electric EMR 5 $260 $334 3.59%
Enterprise Partners EPD 10 $272 $285 4.28%
Aberdeen Fund FAX 230 $1,222 $1,213 8.17%
Flowers Foods FLO 11 $201 $208 3.17%
General Electric GE 52 $1,441 $1,277 2.19%
Green Plains Partners GPP 12 $265 $252 2.19%
Health Care Partners. HCP 45 $1,386 $1,257 4.16%
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 2 $210 $272 2.19%
Kinder Morgan KMI 99 $2,125 $1,909 3.40%
Coca Cola KO 10 $464 $488 3.34%
MDU Resources MDU 31 $676 $831 2.25%
Microsoft MSFT 3 $211 $225 3.14%
Nike NKE 3 $174 $156 1.34%
Realty Income O 32 $1,663 $1,878 3.82%
Old Republic ORI 20 $399 $417 3.40%
Petmed Express PETS 10 $195 $362 3.10%
Pfizer PFE 10 $354 $390 3.70%
Proctor & Gamble PG 10 $927 $986 3.22%
Philip Morris PM 2 $180 $242 4.53%
Starbucks SBUX 3 $183 $164 2.34%
AT&T T 22 $808 $860 4.20%
Unilever UL 2 $92 $119 2.32%
Waste Management WM 2 $114 $160 2.69%
Wal-Mart WMT 3 $194 $245 2.49% 

Month By Month

January- $ 22,145

February- $ 23,516

March- $ 23,782

April- $ 23,852

May- $24,137

June- $24,294

August- $24,302

September- $24,669

I have still been allocating cash to my Robinhood account that I opened up late last year, but will stop doing so in the coming weeks as I need to get the Skyy Fund back on track. There could have been an extra 1K I could have put in the Capital One account that was put into my Robinhood app that is another trading platform (Free Share Available If You Sign Up). As long as those dividends keep paying out the account will slowly but surely keep moving up.

Work Hard or Work Smart?

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Skyy Update

Dad: Skyy do you know what Bear and Bull markets are?

Skyy: Bears are in the forest and they will shut that door and Bulls will ram you

Dad: Yes true. Haha but when its a Bull market that means stocks go up

Skyy: Up up up up up up up up up up up up

Dad: Yes and Bear markets are when stocks go down

Skyy: down up up up up down down down down up up up

Dad: Yes and its easy to understand just think of a Bulls horns they always point up and when you think of a Bear think of it swinging its claws down. So Bull market up and Bear market down

Skyy: So grean means up and red means down?

Dad: Yes! Bull is up and Bear is down

Skyy:  Oh ok. Are we losing money?

Dad: Yes and no because the market goes up and down every day. One month we may be up 1K and the next month we may be down 1K. The important thing is you will be paid every month like clockwork as long as you are invested in great companies!

Skyy: Green means up and red means down?

Dad: Yes

Skyy: Lots of red and green looks like Christmas Daddy

Skyy: Will we get paid this friday?

Dad: Yes and honestly you been getting paid every Friday since the year began. Let’s see if you can keep it up the whole year!

Skyy: Yay!!!!!

Skyy: We need to make more money

Dad: Yes Skyy you are right we can never have enough money and if anyone tells you that money doesn’t matter just know they are lying. They either never had it or don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

Skyy: Ok and all of those are my companies

Dad: Yes all 31 are

Skyy: Ok cool

Work Hard or Work Smart?

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Happy Holidays

I just wanted to take the time and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I’ve received the best christmas gift of all, the gift of time with loved ones. I hope everyone gets to see the people who mean the most to them and spends quality time with them before the new year.

Thank you all for continuing to support Dividend Miracle and giving me a reason to keep on posting. Many people on Facebook and around the World tell me that I give them inspiration, but honestly everyone who is trying to do better for themselves and family inspire me.

Skyy generated $346 for the year and hopefully we can continue going strong in 2016, remember nothing is guaranteed. I’m more motivated than ever to keep pushing forward. Please do continue to stop by and stay safe and have fun for the upcoming year!

-Live Long & Prosper

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Skyy Update


Dad: Skyy there are particular company stocks I want you to be aware of.
Skyy: Which ones daddy
Dad: Realty Income(O) and Kinder Morgan(KMI). O has a great business model. People have to pay on a triple lease and money agreement can be 10+ years. Also they will pay you every month.
Skyy: Oh so that’s more money and what about KM?
Dad: Yes more money.

Skyy: yeah!!!!! Can I get a cookie
Dad: Lol. Just wait.
Dad: Lol. But yes KMI is an oil and gas company that charges a fee for transporting oil and gas. No matter how low the prices, they still get paid. Also the founder Richard Kinder owns 243 million shares and is paid 400+ million dollars in dividends. Solid company too.
Skyy: Ok I will try to remember. What about Apple and mommy’s iphone.
Dad: Good skyy Apple is a great company and you do own it. The reasons you do is because they have great cash flow,  they started paying a dividend in 2012 and mommy and everybody in the world has it or loves it!
Skyy: So when do i get paid,
Dad: Lol. Apple and Kinder will pay you in November and like I said realty pays you every month like clockwork or like a social security check.
Skyy: What is social security?

Dad: lol. Dont worry about it. If you play your cards right you won’t need it.
Skyy: Daddy you’re silly. Lol oh and can I have a cookie?
Dad: Wait.

Skyy: Ok

Dad:Just worry about O and KMI and they will take care of you as long as you pamper them with your money.
Skyy: Ok yes and daddy can I have a cookie?

Dad: Yes Skyy you can.😂

-Live Long & Prosper

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Skyy Update

Day of Skyy- November 5th, 2015

Oh how I wish there was more money to spend on Kinder Morgan(KMI) they are currently below $26 with a 7% yield. I hate when opportunities will be passed up, maybe next time.
(Sidenote: Valeant(VRX) even though it does not pay a dividend and really not my cup of tea, they are currently getting smacked. 52 week high was at $263 and they are currently at $73. If anyone has extra money to put down they are sure to gain from anyone of these 2 over the long run!

– May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

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