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Dividend 2

Skyy Update


Dad: Skyy we need your board of directors to get you paid 8-12 times a month moving forward.

Skyy: Will it be lots of money
Dad: Over time it will be and not too many 4 year olds/people can say that
Skyy: I want orbeez I want orbeez!
Dad: You can have whatever the amount your companies pay you, but you know it’s better to reinvest.
Skyy: Oh, but I want orbeez and candy
Dad: I think you will receive 30+ dollars this month so maybe you should pay the electric or gas bill. Lol
Skyy: Daddy no. Lol I want orbees
Dad: Just reinvest and besides it must be nice having money work for you 24/7 every day without sleep.
Skyy: What do you mean
Dad: Basically you have other people working for you and you get a check every month or quarter for being a cute 4 year old
Skyy: Ok but I still want orbeez
Dad: Ok sweetpea ok.

-Work Hard or Work Smart?

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