From time to time I will put up inspirational videos that motivate me to keep pushing forward and to allow my dim inter-flame to grow brighter.

Video 1 (14 year old investor)

Video 2 (The Grind)

Video 3 ( Corrales vs. Castillo- Never Give Up )

Video 4 ( Life=Risk )

Video 5 (To Buy or Not To Buy)

Video 6 (Wealth on $12 an hour)

Work Hard or Work Smart?

I’ve come to strongly believe that you cannot change others, for better or worse. So what I have decided to do is become the change I wish to see in others through action. I post about my journey so others can see that it’s possible through my ups and downs. Anyone can start with 100 or 10K it doesn’t matter (just look at the prudential commercial).

I myself started with 4.5K and know of friends who live at home who have 8K and 18K in their savings account (shout out to everyone living at home because it can be done!) at which they are not invested, but everyone is their own person. 🙂 In the end I just want everyone to make the best choices possible whether it’s through investing or not.


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